Resume Privacy Safeguards

We know that physicians place great importance on keeping their confidential information confidential. It’s important to us, too. In fact, giving our doctor members total control over how, when and with whom their personal information is shared during the job-seeking process is one of the things that sets ERdocFinder apart from the “typical” recruiting service.

  1. The documents and information you upload to your pages here are strictly invisible until you decide to release them. This includes your professional resume/CV, credentials documentation, e-mail address and name.
  2. We’re able to track recruiter activity that happens on and through our website. Action will be taken against any recruiter who misuses or mishandles your confidential data after you have entrusted it to that recruiter.

Our privacy policies are non-negotiable and are in place to allow us to fulfill our mission of providing physicians with a platform on which to seek their ideal job without having to deal with cold calls, inappropriate pitches and unscrupulous recruiting tactics.

Please contact us immediately if you believe any of your confidential information is being used in a way that violates our policies for the use, handling and distribution of your confidential information.