The Philosophy that Motivates ERdocFinder

Just about any emergency medicine physician who’s been through a round or two of the job-search process knows what I’m talking about when I say today’s recruiting tactics can make the experience tedious and challenging.

ERdocFinder was created to put a stop to all that, to level the playing field, to return a reasonable standard to searching for work in the world’s greatest profession.

I’ve been working as an ER doc for nearly 10 years. I know all about cold calls from recruiters desperate to meet a quota. I’ve fended off the blanket e-mails and pointless pitches for jobs I would never be interested in. I know what it feels like to be a number.

ERdocFinder was created to bring sanity to the job-search process for emergency medicine physicians. In drafting the initial blueprint for, I knew what the system needed to accomplish:

  • Put the control back into the hands of the doctors
  • Provide an environment free from haywire recruiting practices
  • Allow physician members to keep their resumes, credentials and personal contact information safe and secure at all times
  • Make targeting the ideal job faster than ever with a map-based search function that shows which facilities are actually hiring now
  • Give ER doctors an easy way to connect with recruiters for specific opportunities in hospitals and stand-alone emergency rooms

While the ERdocFinder website is full of advanced features and functions, the philosophy behind it is remarkably simple: We want doctors to be able to find their ideal jobs as quickly as possible without all the dead ends and time-wasting inherent in modern recruiting/hiring arenas.

Here’s to your next great position and a clear path that leads you to it.

Andrew Beckmann D.O.
San Francisco, Calif.